There are those who can live without really breathing. Just as there are those who can breathe without really living.

Jacob’s final seventeen years are spent in Egypt. He binds an oath with his children to bury him in the Holy Land. Jacob blesses Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Menasheh. Jacob nearly reveals the end of days. Nearly but not quite. In his final moments, Jacob blesses each one of the twelve tribes, inspiring them (and their progeny) to fulfill their unique missions and potentials in serving their Creator. A massive procession, including Jacob’s family and the who’s-who of Egypt, accompany Jacob to burial near his wife and parents in the Double Cave in Hebron. Joseph passes away at 110. He too commands that his bones be taken out of Egypt and buried in the Holy Land. This would happen with the exodus. Joseph reminds the people that G-d will take them out of Egypt, to the land that was promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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