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Live an Enchanted Life by Renewing Yourself Using Your Inner Mystic

This article was published by by Simon Jacobson

Renewal is inevitable and it’s a universal law of creation. Everything is in some phase or state of renewal at all times, and human beings are no exception to this natural law. Looking to the nature of a butterfly — a larva that within its cocoon that rests, grows, gestates, and comes to be a butterfly as we see them, flying on beautifully ornate wings — tells us how renewal works. It also tells us that some phases of this ongoing cycle do not always feel good, even though we can survive and thrive through all its various phases.

No matter what phase of renewal we may be in at any given moment, it is possible to experience more magic and inspiration in your every day, allowing purpose and intention to enter, and for expansion of our potential to occur, setting us free to discover more magic and wisdom residing within our inner mystic. Integrating this magic already within you allows you to more intentionally renew and rise above any circumstance in your life at any time you wish. Every fiber of the universe and its existence is renewed in every moment.

Transcendence of circumstances, by way way of creating a vibrant relationship with your inner mystic, is an incredibly meaningful, accessible practice. When Michelangelo was asked how he sculpted such beautiful images, he explained that he perceived angels trapped in the marble and that as he carved, he set them free. Our physical world, too, traps and conceals the expansive wellspring of energy, wisdom, and magic brewing within us. Are you a person as a human body only, or are you a spirit preoccupied by your material vehicle and life? It is inside where our inner mystic resides.

We wish to be more than creatures of survival; we want our passions and joys to thrive during our journey of life. How can we be lifted to another place and intentionally renew ourselves in a way that will bring us enchanted moments? We are spiritual entities who don’t know enough about the nature of our own divinity traveling through this world in a physical body, distracting us from our essential nature. Do not ever be deceived to think that your circumstances or physical needs define you. What defines you determines your destiny and the rest of your life. Seeing ourselves solely as our physical bodies, driven only by our needs of the moment or responsibilities in our lives, will define us as only this. Where is the magic in this? We allow it to be hidden from us, though this does not have to be.

When we see ourselves as a spirit sent to this world to travel this earthly life, learn, grow, and expand in our potential as we draw from our divinity and our inner mystic, everything changes. Allowing space and quiet to connect to our inner mystic gives the freedom for its magic within us already to emerge, allowing a renewed vitality and energy to define our lives and moments. With mindful intention, it will set your highest, brightest self free and enhance your experiences so that your path becomes more joyful.

The mystic within us knows there is more to life than what we see as it seeks to find a spiritual connection and to be more fully expressed and engaged with the world around us on a different level. It paints us a more holistic nature as it understands more than the superficial narrative. Integrating your inner mystic means living more from the inside out, as opposed to the outside in. It understands that we are simply a character in a much larger story.

It asks, “How is this experience endeavoring to expand my soul? What is it teaching me, where is it directing me?” In this place we are an active part of our inner mystic, and beginning to transcend purely outer circumstances. Connecting to this more unified, active, and harmonious component of ourselves changes everything and begins to remove our own judgmental narratives and dramas.

What does my spirit want to feel, express, create, or give today? Now the purposefulness of events appears and we experience much more meaning. Peer inside in curiosity, without expectation or judgment, and a vibrant knowing shows up. This is your inner mystic. “Not on bread alone does a human being live,” says the Bible. This pointed to our spiritual, divine nature and what houses our inner mystic. Connecting with this spark gently guides you to fulfill your purpose, intention, and far more freedom.

Life is not ordinary at all; only on surface level is this true. Brimming with a tremendous amount of energy, you are a tremendous resource — how much of your potential is not being actualized?

Some keys to allowing yourself to vitalize your connection to your inner mystic are awareness, connection, and fortitude. The more we access this inner mystic, the more magic is free to enter our experiences;

  • Remember that it can take time, conditioning, and training, but we can begin.
  • Remember the soul (where it begins, the vehicle/body follows).
  • Honor our inner spirit and divinity.
  • Reduce reactive states by checking in with your soul and inner mystic first.
  • Get quiet; get curious.
  • Ask: How does my spirit want to feel today?
  • Ask: How is this experience working for me, not against me?
  • Walking and moving in nature allows this inquiry with ease and removes outer distractions.
  • Have patience.
  • Remember adventure, free abandonment.

Remember that your brain is like a map and the more you “walk along” certain paths, the more easily you know them and access them. Give yourself time to consistently integrate the time, energy, and permission you need to visit and get to know your own inner mystic better. Soon, it will begin to visit you more easily and you will recognize its voice and guidance.

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