Issue 21 | Parshat Noach | Shelter from the Storm



An Ark of Refuge from the Flood of Anxiety 

4117 years ago a great flood swamped earth and wiped out most of its life. Though we will never have another physical flood of such proportions, today too we are challenged by another type of flood – a psychological and emotional one – that threatens the core of our wellbeing. 

Look around. People everywhere feel submerged in a flood of anxiety and the deluge shows no sign of abating. We are anxious about our finances, our safety, our future, our country, our families, our children. And though we live in the Information Age, the latest technology only floods us further with endless choices, but few solutions. 

Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from this deluge? How can we prevent these raging waters from overwhelming us? How can we build an ark of refuge from the modern-day flood of anxiety? 

The Baal Shem Tov, provides us with a tremendous insight how to find refuge from the floods of our uncertain and stressful 21st century world.


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