Pesach First Day: Do Miracles Really Happen?



Published: 3/26/13

Did you ever see a miracle? Do you believe in miracles? Can miracles be reconciled with science? What, actually, is a miracle?

Passover is a good time to speak about this because it is a time of miracles. And it is the central focus of the month called Nissan, which is connected with the word nes, miracle. Actually, Nissei Nissim – “miracles of miracles.”

Rabbi Yitzhak Aramo’ah, the great 15th century Spanish sage and philosopher, writes that there are two orders in existence – the natural order which begins in Tishrei and the miraculous one which begins in Nissan.

But what exactly does that mean? Nissan may have been miraculous three thousand years ago, but is it still miraculous now, today?

Is it possible that miracles are happening around us and we are unable to see them? As shown by a recent experiment at Harvard Medical School involving radiologists, even people who should have eyes to see can miss a matchbook size gorilla on a cancer scan. Why? Because they are looking for cancer nodules not playful gorillas.

Can it be that we are actually missing the miracles in our lives because instead of looking for them we are looking with physical eyes for physical things, and our senses are being seduced by material life?

But there is a way to change all that. And Passover is the perfect time to do so. There is a way to open our eyes to the wonder within and around us. This sermon suggests some concrete ways how.



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