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Get five complete and original sermons for Parshat Re’eh (or purchase them individually)

1. Is Life Blessed or Cursed?
Is life more blessing or curse? When you add up all the good things in life and all the negative ones, often the negative list is longer? But why would a good G-d create a life that is so unpleasant and challenged? We can find the answer in the strange opening of this this week’s Torah reading.
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2. Infinity In The Palm Of Your Hand
From the beginning of time humans have always been in search of heaven. Blake said it well: To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour. But how? A dramatic verse in this week’s Torah portion, eloquently elucidated by the great Baal Shem Tov teaches us how infinity and beyond is captured in the simple act of stretching out a helping hand to a person in need.
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3. Jews Without Borders
Should the Land of Israel consider broadening its borders? And what about us as individuals? Should we broaden our personal boundaries? Should we expand our horizons? This month of Elul, beginning today, illuminated by a fabulous story about Sir Moses Montifore, teaches us what it truly means to be wealthy, giving and expansive.
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4. The Chosen People: Politically Correct?
One of the most controversial issues is the description of Jews as the Chosen People, based on a verse in this week’s Torah portion. This has been the cause of so much hatred and resentment of the gentile world throughout history. How can we understand the meaning of the Chosen People in any way other than an elitist, condescending statement?
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5. How to Work Miracles
What are today’s miracles? Who are today’s prophets? Today’s miracles are the Jewish people. Today’s prophets are you and me. This wee’ks Torah portion teaches us how we can make that claim by following the ways of G-d, and cleave to Him.
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