A Special New Year Greeting from Rabbi Simon Jacobson


My dear friend,

As we prepare to greet and enter the Jewish New Year, let us take a moment to reflect on the strange and unprecedented year now coming to an end.

The disruptive events of this past year were defining moments in our lives that will forever be etched in the annals of history. When this story is told by our children, will we be remembered as having risen to the occasion and letting our souls shine forth in the best and most beautiful way they can? Have we done everything humanly possible to mitigate the crisis, emerging a stronger people in the process? Or will we be known for retreating in fear and remaining silent in the face of upheaval?

I am proud to say that the Meaningful Life Center clearly and unequivocally chose the former path. And we have done so together with you. In a time of doubt and uncertainty we found clarity and direction. When our normal routines and schedules were upended we found new opportunities.

During these challenging times, we have produced over 300 new programs, empowering over 450,000 souls. I am privileged to have a team who threw themselves into this work with their hearts and souls – despite the personal challenges every one of us faced – to create pioneering and dynamic programs and events for people of every background.

As we enter the new year, which introduces a unique and unprecedented energy, we are committing ourselves to doing everything within our power to create a “new normal” that brings on a global revolution of consciousness.

In honor of the New Year, please partner with us by making a generous contribution to the Meaningful Life Center.


With blessings and prayers for a happy, healthy and sweet new year, physically and spiritually, and the realization of all your heart’s desires,

Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Founding Dean of the Meaningful Life Center


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