We scout the land not to see if we can conquer it. We scan the land to see how we can conquer it.

To achieve the objective and realize the dream, Moses sends a twelve-man reconnaissance team to get the lay of the land. They return with samples of the land’s magnitude. Ten of the scouts claim that the objective cannot be met. Caleb and Joshua are adamant that, as the Creator instructed, Israel could certainly conquer the land. When the people hear the dejection of the ten spies, they begin to moan and insist on returning o Egypt. Well, if you don’t think you can enter the land you won’t. The people are thus destined to remain in the desert for forty years until they pass away and the new generation arises. Meal offerings and laws of Challa are conveyed. The intricacies of the fringed heavenly reminders, Tzitzit, are delivered.

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