Building Inner Strength as You Help Others | Message to First Responders

Building Inner Strength as You Help Others: Proactive Strategies and Tools in Face of Adversity.
A message to first responders and healthcare workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic by Rabbi Simon Jacobson

When emergency strikes, adrenaline keeps us going as heroes out there caring for our community. However, with more time to reflect on this pandemic, we may experience some negative thoughts and emotions. How do we stand up for ourselves and build inner strengths amidst fear and uncertainty around us? How can we be proactive and not reactive? Please join Dr. Joshua Schwarzbaum and Rabbi Simon JacobsonRabbi Simon Jacobson, a pioneering speaker, educator and mentor to thousands, as he offers strategies for resilience in the shadow of so many unknowns, and ways to achieve post traumatic growth after crisis. Discover the secret of 3800 years of Jewish endurance and success in face of horrible circumstances, and how we can apply these lessons to our lives today.

Topics that will be addressed include
1. Standing strong in face of adversity
2. Countering negative thoughts and emotions
3. What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
4. How to gain inner control when events around us are out of control
5. How faith and trust in G-d can boost your immunity and empower you
6. Torah’s vision of the future in times of uncertainty

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