Does Life Ever End? – The Science of Immortality

According to the law of conservation of matter and the law of conservation of energy, matter or energy cannot be destroyed or created; it only transforms from one form to another. So what does that say about death: Does anything ever really die? And if not, why is death such a terrible thing? If, even after body and soul have separated, life — the energy of life — continues on, albeit in another form (like boiling water converting into gas), why do we grieve and mourn the loss? Is it only due to the pain of the survivors, the finality of loss and disconnect with a loved one they experience, or is there something about death itself that is an aberration?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this unusual Balak-July 4th-Post-Gimmel Tammuz workshop, and learn about the mysterious dynamics of life and death. Discover how to look at life and death in a new way, helping you tap into new reservoirs of energy that you have not yet accessed, as well as transform death itself into a force of life. Rabbi Jacobson will also address the tragic murders of the young students in Israel, and what our Jewish response should be to such horror.

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