Heartwarming Chassidic Stories and Melodies

A great Rebbe once said: When you are asked a question and do not have an answer, tell a story. When that is not sufficient, sing a song.

Ahh, the power of a story. It speaks for itself. No explanation required. A story expresses passion, drama, feeling — something indescribable which transcends conventional language. And so too with a melody.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this intimate setting and experience the warmth and soul expressed — like nowhere else — in Chassidic stories and songs. Be captivated by mesmerizing tales and melodies that will transport you beyond time and space. You will be transformed in unimaginable ways.

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Bev H.
7 years ago

Thank you for this wonderful class.

Gerry from San Diego
7 years ago

Hello Rabbi Jacobson,

Boy you hooked me good, tonight!

I woke up from a little nap this evening after the global class combined with a glass of red wine. I went to the shower and I found myself humming a nigun! I can’t say I remember your whole rendition, but I got enough that it stuck in my head, where it is still winding as I type this reply. I am sure the nigun will be in my dreams, taking me back to a morning splash of water on a country road on the way to Lubovitch.

Most humbly,


2 years ago

I love this! The stories, the melodies, all of it. My family and I are Noahides, we don’t speak Hebrew yet my 5 year old was singing the melodies or doing his best to. 🙂

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