It’s a Free Country but Do You Feel Free?

Freedom is one of the most cherished values in life. Personal freedom, political freedom, religious freedom… Much blood, sweat and tears have been shed for freedom; wars fought and lives lost in the name of freedom.

Indeed, for thousands of years the world’s population was not free at all! We lived under monarchs, sometimes tyrants, always controlled by others. It’s only a recent phenomenon that we have freedom in our lives.

But the big question is: Do you actually feel free? We may have all these freedoms around us, but are we enslaved internally? Is something holding us back?

And the even bigger question is: What is freedom? How do we define freedom?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating pre-Passover discussion all about freedom. You can be physically free, free to roam about, not imprisoned behind tangible bars, but still be trapped and addicted emotionally and psychologically. Prison can take on many forms. Passover represents the exodus from bondage and slavery to any force and power within or without, and empowers us all with the ability and tools to transcend our obstacles, limitations and restrictions allowing us to spread our wings and be truly free.

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