Military Strategies: Lessons Learned from Chanukah

With war being waged in Gaza, military strategists are obviously seeking and employing all types of methods and ways to fight this war. Every war has its distinct personality and unique challenges and therefore requires a customized solution. This war is no different. Dealing with a hostage situation, savage terrorists, who wantonly use civilians as shields, poses particular difficulties, as we all know.

And frankly the war is not just in Gaza. This war is also in the media; the war over our minds and our hearts being influenced through disinformation and propaganda like never before.

While the military experts on the ground are doing their job, there is a surprising source — that most of us may not think of — where we can find powerful tools and strategies for war. The “military” secrets come from the holiday that we are about to enter, Chanukah, the festival of lights. The discovery of pure olive oil, and the subsequent rededication and lighting of the Chanukah Menorah was a result of a victorious war fought by the Maccabees. Why then do we celebrate Chanukah with light, by kindling candles?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this illuminating Chanukah program and discover how light teaches us the best war strategies. Learn five lessons that empower us to fight and win the battles that come our way.

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