The Original 15 Step Program to Freedom

A 3325 Year-Old Proven System – Pre-Passover Workshop

We all want to improve our lives. We all want to grow and enhance our relationships. We all have inner (or outer) fears and inhibitions we would like to free ourselves of. Perhaps even a few demons and ghosts that haunt us. No one is immune from the many forces that assault our psyche on an ongoing basis — forces that may be overt and aggressive, others that may be more innocuous and subtle, but equally disrupting.

Would you believe that a system devised 3325 years ago offers us solutions and guidelines how to achieve all these goals?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this powerful pre-Passover workshop that uncovers the profoundly relevant psychological and emotional blueprint that is the Passover Seder. Discover the inside story of the 15 steps of the Seder, and come away with tools that will teach you how to realize freedom from your trappings and fears — methods that are guaranteed to transform your Passover experience and all those that you celebrate with.

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