The Selfless Ego Part 1: Why Not be Selfish?

Our society is currently challenged, perhaps more than ever, by self-centeredness, a me-me-me era, in which its each man for himself, an eat or get eaten mentality. How will I survive if I am not the “fittest”, putting my own needs and self first? Who will look out for me if not myself? Why should I bother going out of my way to help others? And can I have any ego, a healthy sense of self, and still be selfless?

Self interest vs the greater common good has plagued humanity from the beginning of time. The prevalent perception is that we are fundamentally driven, first and foremost, by our needs, survival and personal pleasure. Freud called it the Id; Darwin: Survival of the fittest. But is this true? Are we indeed inherently selfish?

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a fascinating discussion on selfishness, selflessness and the human ego through the lens of Chassidus, Kabbala and psychology. Learn how to properly balance them all while analyzing the benefits and positive results of helping others. (Spoiler alert: by helping others, you are actually helping yourself!) Discover a new and surprising way to look at yourself and how the destructive behavior of selfishness, while not only harming others, goes against your very essential nature and thus undermines and stunts personal development and growth.

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2 years ago

So timely, applicable and reaffirming who we are at such a time as this!
Thankyou, as always, words of life?

2 years ago

Good to know

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