When You Feel Like Giving Up on Life

Despair is one of the worst possible human conditions. It’s one thing to experience pain and suffering, it’s quite another to give up hope. Even the most trying circumstances can be faced when you have hope. Even the most difficult challenges can be addressed when you have confidence, and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But when you give up on life and its possibilities, then what’s left to work with?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson and travel into the heart of the abyss, and discover the spark that lays even in the darkest corners of the psyche. Learn methods to employ when all seems lost and you want to give up. Find out how to uncover a “new” self with new hope even when your familiar old “self” has lost hope.

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Faith Sussman
4 years ago

Shalom Ha Rav,

I just heard your talk on “despair”

Thank G-d I am not in that situation. In brief, I am a blind person, living on my own. I find it very difficult to meet the “right” people – I feel they either treat me as a “mentally challenged” or “a clever” 5-year old (have forgotten what it is like to be 5).

I feel the contrast as I teach English on the phone to adults who not aware that I am visually impaired and the relationship is great.

I am very much alone, but not lonely as books and computer are my best friends.

Thank you Ha Rav, for your wonderful inspiring lectures.

Best wishes,


The Meaningful Life Center