An Open Letter to President Elect Donald J. Trump


As can be expected, this open letter has evoked many passionate responses — both supportive and critical. In the spirit of open dialogue, and in respect to all opinions, we are publishing all these voices uncensored, even if they include remarks that may offend some. The MLC is proud of its enduring policy to champion the sacred right of every individual’s personal expression. We therefor invite and welcome your opinion, and encourage you to join this conversation. Please comment below to post your thoughts.

Dear Mr. President-elect, Donald J. Trump,

Congratulations on being elected to the highest position in our land, and indeed, the leader of the free world – our 45th President of the United States of America.

Every elected position is a great responsibility, and indeed, one that is always driven by a higher “invisible hand,” as stated in the book of Proverbs (21:1): The heart of a king is like a stream of water in the Divine hand, wherever He wishes, He will direct it.

But your election, Mr. Trump, stands out in particular as unprecedented in history: You defied all the predictions and pollsters, you upended both the Republican and Democratic parties, you did not follow the “established” rules and guidelines for a political campaign, you exposed the media’s biases and inadequacies – you basically broke every norm. And yet you won a resounding victory, breaking the blue wall and turning over states that no one expected you to win.

One can hardly find an equivalent event in the history of presidential elections that qualifies for a true “invisible hand” directing the electorate to upset the existing systems and infrastructures.

One word stands out to describe this cataclysm: Disruption.

Mr. Trump, you tapped into the fiber of this country’s restlessness and eagerness for change; to change the existing political norms and to bring this county back to its great legacy.

This is the reason for my writing to you today: I am absolutely convinced that you face a once-in-history opportunity to lead this country, and by extension, the entire world, to a new world order of global peace and prosperity.

What has made this nation great? What is the secret behind the 240-year-old unparalleled success of the USA?

We don’t need to look far and wide for the answer. All we need to do is return (retrace our steps) to the deep and enduring roots of this county as they were laid down by our Founding Fathers.

The mission statement of this country was defined by the Founding Fathers in 1776 when they established this great nation. And they fought the Revolutionary War to defend this mission stated in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

By studying different systems and their failures, by personally experiencing the consequences of being denied basic human freedoms, by building this country’s pillars not on their own subjective whims but on eternal values rooted in the Bible – the Founding Fathers understood that the grand American experiment is only possible with a firm foundation that absolutely guarantees individual rights.

A nation built on the principle that “All men are created equal” as “One nation under God” and E Pluribus Unum, created the best business climate to allow this nation to flourish. With its promise of freedom and equal opportunity, the United States has welcomed people from all over the world and encouraged them to contribute to the growth of this country.

And flourish it did.  The investment of the Founding Fathers paid off. The synergy of people from all backgrounds coming together as equals under God created the highest developed country of all time.

For 240 years our mission statement – the principles of the revolution – has never been challenged.

But this great corporation lost its soul somewhere along the way. America forgot its true mission statement.

The unprecedented prosperity of this nation has spoiled us. We have built the greatest empire in history, with the highest standard of living, and the most powerful technology. Everything seemed to be going so well. The unheard of economic boom, the information revolution, the unbelievable advances in medicine and science, promised to deliver a new world order. Consumption – mass consumption, enabled by mass industry – became the dominating driving force in our consumer driven economy.

But no business can function without it being aligned with its mission. How much more a great nation like ours: Our country can live up to its enormous potential only if it is aligned with its mission.

Indeed, our sustained prosperity has given rise to a profound complacency. Today it is becoming obvious that we have taken for granted many of the freedoms and blessings that were contained in the vision of our founding fathers. Our newfound vulnerability and deep feelings of uncertainty expose more than ever the emptiness of financial security. It makes us realize how alienated we become when we our jobs and careers become an end in themselves, divorced from their deeper mission statement: an expression of our souls.

Now, over two centuries later this nation has been issued the greatest challenge it has ever faced. Perhaps the United States is on the threshold of a new revolutionary war – the final frontier. And it is indeed a great honor and merit and responsibility and gift to be part of this drama and affect its destiny.

This, Mr. President-elect, sets the stage for your new administration to reclaim our great American heritage.

This country must align itself with its mission – the business of this nation must reconnect to its higher calling. And when the USA lives up to its calling then, and only then, can it serve as a beacon to the other nations of the world. Simply being a nation of great wealth and enormous military muscle does not by any means give it the moral high ground. Other nations, religions and peoples have much longer traditions and histories than the relatively new world of the United States. But this country can demonstrate something unique to the world. As a country, it can rise above its own national issues and serve as a beacon of light teaching the world the universal principles of all humankind – the principle upon which this nation was founded – how to live in peace with God.

This disruptive election is a wake-up call. Disruptions are tremors signaling the dawning of a new era. The stunning way this election disrupted the powers that be, the media, the political establishment, reflects the “market correction” and reality check of a country that has lost its moorings, and is in search of reconnecting with its mission.

Mr. President-elect, with this extraordinary election, you now have the opportunity to realign our country with its purpose. To rebalance business and spirituality, Capitalism and compassion, matter and spirit.

With the cabinet and team you build please make it a priority to offer us a new business model, a new paradigm – one that integrates our work with our essence. By recognizing that our careers and businesses are means and vehicles to fulfill the divine plan in our lives, we can reclaim the core beliefs that are the secret of the nation’s endurance.

The United States now stands at perhaps the most defining moment of its history. We are now locked in a struggle to renew our contract with the soul of our nation. In many ways we now are faced with the formidable task of finishing what our Founding Fathers began.

We must balance our economy of consumption with higher values. Let us learn how to reclaim our mission statement: What are we? Who are we? What is this company called America?

New paradigms are always difficult. That’s why they are new.

We hope and pray for you, Mr. President-elect, that you serve as a divine agent that leads this country and the world into a new era, a world driven by the moral principles upon which all civilization rests, a world in which all people, races and nations, in all their rich diversity, live in harmony and peace, humbly serving the higher calling for which we were all created.

God bless you and God bless America and the world.


Simon Jacobson


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Chava Rochel
7 years ago

We need to make a lot of noise to demand Presidential pardon./ Clemency for Rubashkin

7 years ago

Great letter! It’s time for new beginnings.

Steve R.
7 years ago

Rabbi I listen to your weekly classes all the time. I am a Jewish seeker and I’ve learned so much from you. You have a great beautiful spiritual vision for America and I understand where you are coming from through listening to you. But this Trump and what he truly stands for is the antithesis of your vision. He plays from the Hitler play book from scapegoating to large rallies. He’s aligned himself with a true white nationalists (Steve Brannon) vying to make sure America is not “taken over” by the non-white races. With these guys in power the Jews always get it in the end. Wake up Rabbi.

Marti L.
7 years ago

Thank you for your eloquence. As my mother would say: from your mouth to God’s ears.

Carla da Silva
7 years ago

I am sure that in Germany 1933 a lot of people felt the same kind of dawn of a new beginning. The only thing to pray for is that he will be held in check by the divine hand.

Rabbi Shelly
7 years ago

I usually like your teachings, Rabbi – but you are just too fawning towards a man who espouses hatred and bigotry and surrounds himself with others of like mind. As Jews, we must stand up for the rights of all in our country. Our new President is a narcissist who cares only for himself and his family, and who wants to “win” at any cost. We, as Jews, value the honesty and sincerity of our words – Donald Trump changes his words to fit wherever he is. Where are his values? What does he stand for? His name-calling and bullying are worse than words of our children. I am absolutely heartsick and frightened for the future of our country, and for our future as Jews. Hitler’s rise to power is just too similar to the rise of Trump. These are scary times, and your prayer just doesn’t address the frightening reality that is Donald Trump.

shawn m
7 years ago

held in check by the divine hand

how would that work?

Justin Presser
7 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobsen
Thank you for your uplifting letter of hope.
I have to say that I agree with many of the more concerned replies and parallels to the early rise of Nazism. My own first inclination is to appeal to someone’s better nature and conscience as this us the humanity and world I believe in with all my heart. And yet, in my life experience I have come up against people that are wired differently. They see a heartfelt appeal as a sign of weakness and naivete. And are happy to take advantage of that as they genuinely have no care for others unless it furthers their interests which are often narrowly defined and very rigid.

In this case, Id like to give Trump the benefit if the doubt that he is not intentionally malicious, but a fool who has no idea of the forces he has givrn oermission to be unleashed. While I am very concerned about Trump – I am for the first time in my life scared of what comes after Trump.

One of my favourite quotes:

‘Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny’

I would be so very grateful to you if you could write a piece on when to appeal to someone’s better nature with a message like yours of hope and principle and when to fight. And more importantly how to do both in the right way.

Thank you for your wisdom.

Shabbat Shalom

7 years ago

Disruption or corruption? Is it a Jewish value to lie and cheat your way to the top? Does the “end” justify any means? I am flummoxed and deeply disappointed by the larger Chabad response to this election. Lies, fake news, voter suppression, dirty tricks– is this the way to reach spiritual heights in your view? Can you really shut your eyes and your mind to the reality of this man or tell yourself he really doesn’t mean the things he says and does? God help us all.

Dr. Reid Friedson
7 years ago

The Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights were written to protect the people from the corruption and tyranny of a king and his ministers.

The American Revolution stands even today against the incompetence, lies, and corruption of Donald J. Trump. Each generation must revitalize its republican virtue to fight fascism.

The American Revolution emphasized republican virtue which still today means placing the public good over private profit.

The Divine Hand of Proverbs calls for oneness with the Universe and direct action against corruption. The corporate police state enslaves the American republic to the withering chains of empire.

The natural rights promise of Ameeica’s founding documents established a covenant with future generations. We must labor toward the still unfinished promise of liberty and equality for all people.

The New World Order liberates. It does not enslave. It intended for us to connect to our spiritual promise. Hate, greed, lies, corruption, intolerance, monopoly, and selfishnes destroy republics. They leave empires and corrupt rulers in their wake.

The Revolution remains a spiritual imperative for our king and his ministers. The American Dream said on paper thru the Creator and our deliberate actions we must pass on a just political economy in which the dreams of equality for all people may be fulfilled.

The Constitution is a living document standing against corruption and tyranny.

Richard R.
7 years ago

It’s kind of funny but since the election, I have been praying for the same thing. Time will tell! I do hope he has a higher vision for our nation and may Hashem guide him and our population in the right direction.

Russel B
7 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobson

I receive your newsletter because I was interested in the spiritual and Jewish content, so it surprised me that now you are venturing into politics.

I am also dismayed that you support Donald Trump, who has proved himself an unashamed bigot, misogynist and racist. Do you really think he is interested and able to carry the banner of taking America to a higher level? His campaign has already brought politics to a new low. He is the antithesis of the values and vision for America and the world that you describe in your email.

Also as a rabbi, a leader and upholder of Jewish values, I don’t understand how you can support such a divisive candidate who stands for greed, isolationism and protectionism, who has a history of questionable business practices and who was elected by a mass of right wing enthusiasts including the KKK.

For someone to lead the charge into a brighter future and truly “disrupt” the status quo towards the greater good, you need a leader who has a foundation of values and guiding principles, someone like Nelson Mandela – Donald Trump is not even close to this person. In fact he has proved himself the exact opposite. From his rhetoric and and actions, he is more like Hitler, appealing to a mass of disenfranchised uneducated people who are too small minded to believe in climate change, or global cooperation or multiculturalism.

In fact with such a man in charge of the most powerful country in the world, I am scared for the future and I am worried about where the world is heading. I can imagine how Jews must have felt in 1930’s Germany with the rise of the Nazi party, because with such a spiritually empty and low class leader in charge, I am worried for the future of my children.

I think that as a spiritual leader you should focus your message on how we can fight the forces of tyranny and hate that Donald Trump represents and how we can teach our children to navigate the evil that is surfacing in our world through following a spiritual path. By supporting him, you are sending the wrong message to Jews and I cannot understand how you can endorse such poor example of a man to be president.

Based on your comments, I am no longer interested in receiving your newsletter.

Harry Pearle
7 years ago

I have very mixed feelings about your hopes for Pres. Trump. Suppose instead he was a Rabbi. Suppose he spoke out the way he does for the Jewish community and for Chabad. How would you feel about that? What if you, Rabbi Jacobson, spoke out the way Trump speaks?

Yes, we have to respect Donald Trump, because he will be the president of the United States, but we don’t have to agree with him or respect what he says and does. Let me, again mention my Chabad note on RESPECT:

Let me also suggest that Donald Trump has psychological and learning problems, a learning disability, LD. That is not to put him down for it, but to recognized that he has problems understanding and behaving that affect the nation he will serve THANK YOU Harry

Judah Rosen
7 years ago

I am so disappointed in your letter. How can you ever use the word “moral high ground” in connection to Trump? I believe all his appointments so far have used the words “nigger” and “Jew” (derogatorily) in the past, and the fact that The American Nazi Party and the KKK find him and his policies a man to support.
And he hardly won a “resounding victory”, unless you are overlooking the fact that Clinton got more than one million votes more than him.

Tina Leah
7 years ago

Like many other responses here, I am deeply disturbed by your apparent support for Donald Trump for all the reasons others have listed above. This was not a resounding victory, as Hillary Clinton received the popular vote and by a million votes. What we learned last week is that this country is deeply divided, and the election has brought to the surface all the racial prejudice and bigotry that we hoped had disappeared. Instead we have seen that at least half of our population could not stomach having a black man in the White House for 8 years, and this is the root of the election result, as well as general misogyny, and hatred of anyone who is not a white male Christian. I suppose it is good to bring these issues out in the open so that they can be erased from our culture. With Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign, it would not seem to be on his to-do list. But it needs to be on our to-do list, as Jews, to pave the way and set an example and be true to our own collective conscience. Never forget that Trump is a businessman first and his ultimate goal will always be to promote his business, enrich himself and his family. There is really no room left within him to reach out to the rest of society. So it is up to us to pray and reach out in kindness to all.

Harry Pearle
7 years ago

“As a recent Noble Laureate wrote in the turbulent 60’s” (The Times they are a changin'”)

Dear Rabbi Jacobson, last week, in a comment, I suggested that your quoting a Nobel Laureate might deserve a name recognition and a statement of permission to quote the song. As I understand it, even short passages from songs may require permission.

My point is not to take you to task from this, but to suggest what no one is above criticism, no president and no Rabbi. If we do that then we set an example of endless excuses and stagnation. Instead let me suggest that we go from:


Simcha Verrone
7 years ago

I, too, am deeply disappointed in Rabbi Jacobson’s position. I doubt very much Mr. Trump will read that letter, though he would love the pandering to him. He doesn’t have the attention span. One by one, all the republicans who (rightly) criticized Trump’s behavior and words are falling into place behind him as if all is well – republicans control the entire government now– let me get my cabinet post! Others on this thread have written well about what Trump is. I won’t reiterate. But I wanted you to know, Rabbi Simon, that I have very much enjoyed your classes and insight over the years, but this is indulgence of a dangerous demagogue, and I find it unconscionable that you believe Trump’s presidency is a wonderful opportunity to heal a deeply divided nation. This is our wake up call, for sure. We have a lot of work to do, but it won’t happen WITH Trump. It will happen in opposition to what he stands for and has spewed all along. I’m astonished that Torah observant jews voted for him. It’s an embarrassment and an affront to anyone who ever struggled or died as a result of bigotry and hate.

Fred P.
7 years ago

Be careful what you wish for and who you vote for, Rabbi. From what I can see, there is a very thin bench to choose cabinet members and other high level people from because most of them are put off by this president elect’s words and actions. Many are scary individuals (Bannon, Flynn, for example) and do not have a particularly distinguished record. Others are as establishment as they come (i.e., Sessions, despite the “drain the swamp philosophy that inhibits the selection of some very qualified individuals). Nepotism was legislated out of existence after Bobby Kennedy’s terms as JFK’s Attorney General and a 35 year old billionaire son-in-law who happens to be Jewish, is not more qualified than some of the more senior and experienced establishment republicans and democrats. Why is Colin Powell not offered a position? How about Condi Rice?

Does “draining the swamp” mean not putting all Trump family assets into a third party blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest?

Also, where is the diversity in selections made for high positions? Where are the highly qualified women, minorities, Democrats, etc? Why does Jared get to purge Chris Christie whose sins are far less than those committed by Jared’s father, for which Christie rightfully and lawfully prosecuted Senior Kushner as NJ Attorney General? Ben Carson refuses any post in Trump’s government because he does not feel qualified yet he ran hard and long for the Presidency? is this a joke? Or is Uncle Ben telling us something in code?

Giving high level positions to firebombers like Flynn and Bannon who will take us down the path to a new brand of McCarthyism, if not WW III, is a recipe for disaster for the PWTs and deplorable who were Trump’s biggest supporters.

Again, be careful what you wish for, Rabbi Jacobson and Richard R.

And remember, other fascist leaders had a house Jew like Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. In the words of the late German Pastor Reinhard Niemoller:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Again, choose your words carefully, Rabbi, and do not be offended by these. However, I am so sad that a strong minority of Orthodox Jews failed to put love of country above hatred for Hillary.

Harry Pearle
7 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobson, Please allow me to quote from Pirkei Avos 6.6 on the value of quotations:

“You should know that whoever reports a thing in the name of the person said it, brings deliverance to the world. For it is said: :And Esther told the King in the name of Mordechai” (Megillah 2.22) Thus, I hope that you can edit your mention of Bob Dylan and his song to give him credit and to get permission. THANKS Harry (Easy button guy)

7 years ago

Dear Rabbi,

I join in thanking you for sharing your open letter to the President Elect, Your letter relays an acutely insightful, refined sensibility of the momentous significance of this election.

This election reflects the voice of millions upon millions of American citizens who believe that the change and new beginnings the President Elect appears to be heralding are not only positive but critically necessary to the sustainability, welfare and betterment of this nation and the world. Yes, change can be disruptive. The “tough love” a child experiences when a parent sets a limit on candy or social media is often met with some resistance, temper tantrums or, worse, name-calling and abject defiance. But, those acting out in the face of Mr. Trump’s extraordinary victory are not children. They are adults who are in many cases exploiting the most cowardly, hatemongering social weapon of our time: The manipulative, malicious hypocrisy that masquerades as “progressive” political correctness. This concerted “liberal meltdown” reeks of the worst of versions of vilification, heinous Nazi-branding, inflammatory divisiveness and hate mongering — the very factors with which these disgruntled crowds of self-styled “progressives” charge Mr. Trump. The masses of protests, and indeed some of the comments here, shamelessly display a manifestation of what has been the escalating, and dangerously unbridled spiraling down to the lowest common denominator that the liberal “progressive” movement has been commandeering our society over the past nearly one decade.

Undoubtedly guided by the “invisible hand,” driven by the President Elect and consummated by the democratic will of the American people, the pendulum has gratefully begun to swing. That change of momentum may well be disquieting for some. Be that as it may, we are indeed at the dawn of new beginnings and, G-d willing, a time that will in fact embody the true meaning of “progress.”

7 years ago

I have also unsubscribed from this page due to the previous video response to the election result, and now this page.
There is a certain sensitivity that is missing, to understand WHY people have doubts/concerns about Donald Trump. That to me shows a lack of concern for the human emotion – the hurt, the fear, that non-whites, and also, women, particularly, have felt in response to many of the things Donald Trump has said in campaign. And no – not merely the Access Hollywood audio tape where Trump brags about sexual assault – I know one can argue that Trump did not know he was being recorded, and that was 11 years ago. I’m talking about his recent comments against women, in full view of the media, and his disgusting conduct in the presidential debates as well. He makes the world less safe for minorities and women. If the Rabbi had addressed these concerns, and then reiterated that although he finds DT’s behaviour troubling, he supports him out of a respect of democracy – I could stomach his views. But there is such a slanted bias here. There is no recognition of the other side. Frankly, it hurts. I can’t follow this page anymore.

7 years ago

What a pathetic letter. Disappointed in the blindness of so many of my fellow Jees

7 years ago

Such hateful comments from “nice” liberals.
Rabbi Jacobson didn’t endorse any candidate. Read the letter again slendourous progressive..

7 years ago

My Rabbi too refused to endorse either candidate and in fact deemed politics off limits, especially on Shabbat–a seemingly neutral position, right? I, however, found it extremely distressing. This election was far less about “politics” than it was about morality and ethics for me–the very reason I chose Chabad after many years of alienation from all things Jewish. The nagging question, “If Hitler were on the ballot, what would you counsel your chassidim?” never got answered. The willingness to excuse a ruthless narcissist who clearly believes he is above all law-both that of man and that of God–is dismaying and profoundly disappointing. I don’t yet know how–or if–I will be able to overcome it, but life will go on and I trust Hashem to light the way. But to support Trump without reservation feels like no less than a chillul Hashem to me.

7 years ago

Rabbi Jacobson,
I am in agreement with many others here. I feel we all must stand our ground and not let up on what you are preaching. This is our country, and from the choices the President elect is making to fill key roles in his cabinet, it appears that he is serious about his calls to set us back 40 years to the better times, when our factories buzzed and men were men. Everything I have read about and heard about this man just doesn’t sit right with me.

The American voters have been had, unless you are a racist, bigot, or just plain want to reverse the progress made by our court system and Obama over the past 15 years.

Don Shapiro
7 years ago

Dear Rebbe,
With deep recognition for your longing for a world of peace and compassion, Sadly, your letter to Trump is a perfect example of what Rabbi Jeshua (a contemporary of Hillel) called “Casting pearls before swine.” And like Hillel, the rest is commentary.

Reuben Statman
7 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobson

Wonderful letter and sentiments – hope this will be a new beginning of peace and security for all the world.

7 years ago

Excellent letter. You very clearly did not endorse Mr. Trump but wrote only after he won (by a landslide). All you ‘Jewish liberals’ that responded here are showing your true colors of … well, I’d rather not say. I haven’t seen anyone ‘explain’ the behavior of Hillary Clinton or our ‘esteemed’ president Obama.
Maybe you can write an essay on why Jews are actually more aligned with the Republican party than the Democrats who are now showing their true colors in their comments above. That should really get the comments section going.

Cheryl F. Kleefeld, Ph.D.
7 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobson,

Thank you so much for your message on how to begin to heal and how to refrain from our feelings of numbing fear, disgust, and gloom and doom following the potentially recent cataclysmic election. In the introduction your message, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. But I know you eventually get to the point. So I read on with an open mind. I wasn’t going to allow my fear of losing my breakfast to deter me from reading your entire message. I even got to marvel a little at how you got to counter all the negativity in a gentle, informative, and amazingly restrained, ironic manner.

I found myself reminded of a few of my college social science professors who were writing books, teaching with fervor, and trying to make sense of the Holocaust, the Depression, the inner workings of our deeper natures, how we understand them, process them, pick ourselves up, engage in Tikkun, move on, never refraining from the tasks. So many tasks to do, so many left undone.

Many years ago (I’m a first year baby boomer) I got to learn from and know Dr. Raoul Hilberg, Dr. Heinz Ansbacher, and the not so well known Harry Kahn, our Hillel director. With the onset of the 60’s, attendance at Hillel was almost nonexistent. There were only three of us in Harry’s weekly non credit classe. We tried to recruit more. No Dice. Most Jewish students were either in the “angry with God” alliances, the hedonistic live-for-today really fun bunch, or the very serious cultural and social activist groups. College was a blast. I identified with almost everybody, as I identify with most of the responses to your message today. But pretty much nobody wanted Hillel Harry. Except for me and two friends. Then my friends dropped out during sorority rushing. Think: No We were told that the top non-Jewish sororities were going to accept a few “White Jews” this year. Think: No New York accent, preferably blond). Eventually Hillel was not an option anymore. Not even for Pesach.

Our very observant Hillel Harry arrived in the U.S. almost right after the war, carrying off the plane a Torah that he had rescued. He carried that Torah while walking, and on his lap, on all the trains, planes and automobiles, along his journey. He took a few looks around, surveyed the state of the local Jewish community at the time, and finally donated it to the Unitarian Church. He felt it might do more good there.

There is still so much good in the world today. Find the more serious websites. Join in with something that doesn’t send so much vitriol out into the ether. It does seem as if the balance between Yetzer Ha Tov and Yetzer Ha Rah has been irrevocably broken. But it has happened before. It will happen again. The world began with a big Tzim Tzom, (a.k.a. big bang). The sun can come out to shine again.

For all the people who were so adverse to your message, think of Esther, who, despite immense fear, brought a miracle upon us, in an almost peaceful, loving manner. Think of Joseph, who continued to have faith, act kindly toward the people who heaped immense challenges upon him, who instantly forgave, even the brothers who had sold him into slavery. It’s not so much that he kept his eyes on the Prize. He did despair. It’s just that he knew right from wrong and he behaved like a mensch.

Turn the volume down. It’s as dangerous as Trump and his cronies. Do simple acts of kindness and paying it forward every day you can . Smile at your neighbor. Guard your tongue. Take part in peaceful, constructive, means of flipping the balance. Remember the popular vote. Remember that there is still so much work to be done. Pray that our leaders’ hearts and souls will turn. Be a blessing. Bring goodness and light into the world. Va-Yehi Or.

With great esteem,

7 years ago

Thank you for your input rabbi hope Mr.Trump read it

7 years ago

For the record, we are all not liberals speaking out against Trump and what he stands for here. I’m an independent with leaning more toward the conservative, I didn’t like Hillary, but I had to vote for her because of the reasons that are very well articulated in these comments.

7 years ago

Wow. To someone who mockingly wrote – such nice comments from “nice” liberals, and to you Yakov as well stereotyping that everyone who wrote here is a Jewish liberal. Would be interested to know how you can tell on an internet forum if someone is Jewish, or a liberal, or if that is further stereotyping of the left. Debate the arguments, not the person.

7 years ago

“slanderous progressive.”
Stereotyping… you do not know where people sit or what issue they have with Trump. Have more empathy for fellows who are concerned by Trump. Perhaps they are unsure of him as president because he has said racist, sexist, or bigotted comments which made them feel personally targeted. There are republicans who also didn’t support him. Putting everyone in one basket would be the same as me saying “Everyone who voted for Trump is racist.”
I do not believe that, would not stoop so low, and make an effort to understand the other side.
Disagreeing with Trump doesn’t make someone a slanderous progressive. Or a leftard. Or that they should be “locked up.”
Sorry. Will never support that blanket way of handling disgreement.
Be willing to entertain different ideas and understand those who are on the other side. Name calling in my opinion reveals more about your own colors. Good luck.

7 years ago

SAD, i’m very sorry for my previous comment .

i voted for smaller government and less taxes.
Trump is a loud mouth; however, i don’t believe the hype that he’s a racist etc.

in my opinion the blanket way of handling disagreement was thrown at trump and his supporters, not the other way around.

Peace and Security for all.

7 years ago

I understand the importance to support and wish for the success of any president democratically elected, but it is difficult for me to respect a man who actions and words are so utterly foreign and desecrate the Jewish values we hold dear and teach our children. When young children watch and hear what Mr. Trump says and asks why someone elected to be president is so rude and how can he be our president, their young hearts and minds see so clearly what many adults cannot see. The veil of cognitive dissonance has descended on many and my deep concern and worry for us, our country, our children’s future and the world is heavy.

God Bless America
7 years ago

I really disapprove of the “New World Order” ideal and will be happy to see President Trump demolish it.
One centralized world government is a horrific nightmare even on paper, let alone in practice.
May God in his divine wisdom guide President Trump to lead America to once again become great and it’s people to love and respect God, family and flag in that order.

Fran Meyers
7 years ago

I support all the above comments that see the dangers in the Trump
administration. I add to the above comments his extremely disrespectful
comments and chauvinistic attitudes expressed by Trump to more than 50%
of the human race: women.

7 years ago

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

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