Issue 40 | Parshat Ki Tissa | How Unconditional is Your Love?



Ultimate Self Sacrifice

What sacrifices would you be willing to make in order to save a loved one? How much would you give up? How far would you go? Some people – without mentioning names – would not be willing to give up much for another person, even a loved one. But there are many people would be ready to sacrifice their comforts for their beloved. Fewer would be prepared to even give up their bodies, their physical lives, to save a souse or a child. But would anyone would be willing to give up their soul for another?!

In this week’s insight we learn how far the Baal Shem Tov went to save another person – ultimately sacrificing his very soul! But he was not the first to do so: In this week’s portion we read about, arguably, the greatest act of self-sacrifice in history: How Moses was ready to be erased from the Book of Life, in order to save his sinful flock…

In our narcissistic society such sacrifices are hard to imagine.

But these two episodes teach us priceless lessons about unconditional devotion, love and leadership.


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