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Are you seeking personal or professional guidance, which is sensitive, contemporary and sourced in the timeless wisdom of Torah? Are you feeling stuck and looking for a new approach to your life? Book a personal appointment with Rabbi Jacobson, and you will not be disappointed. Renowned for his keen understanding of people and his unique ability to cut to the core of any given issue, Rabbi Jacobson is a trusted mentor to people of all walks of life. His approach is rooted in 3800 years of wisdom and experience, while being refreshingly in-touch, cutting edge and grounded. The deeper and more personal the issue, the more Rabbi Jacobson’s approach stands out and shines. Some of the many issues that people regularly seek Rabbi Jacobson’s life-changing guidance for include:

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual health and stability*
  • Dating, marriage and relationships
  • Recovering from physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Career counseling
  • Clarifying your specific purpose in life

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*Rabbi Jacobson’s guidance should NEVER replace proper medical attention for matters of clinical mental or emotional health that requires consulting a qualified medical professional.

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