Emor: The Perfect Specimen



Do you have any flaws? If yes, is that a good thing? If not, are you delusional? 

No matter what your good old Jewish mother told you, nobody’s perfect. We all have deficiencies, imperfections, blemishes – we all have things we can refine and make better. We aren’t perfect angels; we are perfect human beings. And perfect human beings have many, many imperfections. 

But the Torah demands that the holy priests serving in the Temple be perfect physical specimens, without blemish or flaw? Is this not superficial? Not to mention highly insensitive to handicapped people? 

Understanding the internal meaning of this demand for external perfection will teach us an invaluable lesson regarding how to recognize true spirituality. We will also learn how overcome our imperfections, how to turn our weaknesses into strengths, and how to transform our defective parts into effective parts. 

In addition, the Chassidic story of the crippled groom will teach us how to never be crippled by life but always turn any crippling situations into a union of eternal perfection. 

This sermon will also lend insight into the Torah’s sensitive and revolutionary understanding of Special Needs Children.



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