Shelach: Living On The Fringe



The World Cup is upon us. With some 5 billion people tuning in, it is the world’s largest branding, marketing and advertising event. And that thought brings us to the question: Does Judaism have a logo by which it creates brand awareness? 

Yes, it does and that’s what this sermon is all about. 

Sermons are notoriously irrelevant. Often they speak of high concepts and deep, philosophical ideas that are difficult to comprehend – the equivalent of solving the Middle East crises. But the “small” matters, like how we should raise or educate our children, aren’t always addressed. The big ideas of global thinking do not always translate into our simple, personal, local lives. I mean how does the concept of world peace really affect your taking out the garbage? 

The rabbi speaks of God and soul but who really can comprehend God, or relate to this idea of a soul? We are busy trying to raise our kids and make a living, and most of us do not have the time or the luxury – even if we do have the interest – to think about these global concerns and engage in philosophical musings. 

For this reason, let us explore one simple mitzvah – a mitzvah which defines the brand of Judaism – the mitzvah of tzitzit

It is called living on the fringe.


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