Passover Guide: Toward a Meaningful Seder



A Personal and Spiritual Guide to the Passover Experience by Simon Jacobson

Our Seder Ebook is the perfect companion for leading a meaningful, personalized, empowering Seder and for infusing your Pesach with relevance and inspiration.

The single biggest challenge we all face is: How to personalize the Pesach Seder and the Yom Tov in general. Instead of a mechanical, boring tradition, it enables us to transform the Seder into a dynamic experience and dialogue.

We are pleased to offer you an easy-to-use Pesach Ebook, prepared by Simon Jacobson, that will bring alive the Seder and Pesach in a deeply personal and relevant way. Filled with a wealth of material – culled from Chassidus – this guide covers the fundamentals of Pesach and the Seder, practically applied in psychological and spiritual terms that will inspire and empower people of all backgrounds, including children.

Perfect Pesach Resource. Whether you are leading a public Seder or hosting one at home, whether you are in need of a one-stop Seder guide (and don’t have the time to do all the research), or in need of fresh new stimulating and relevant material, this is the perfect Pesach resource that can be used in multiple ways.


  • Overview: The guide is divided into several, aesthetically appealing, sections, covering the personal significance of each and including practical and dynamic exercises:
    • What is Passover?
    • What is the Seder?
    • The Seder Plate
    • The 15 Steps of the Seder
    • The 4 cups of wine
    • The 4 questions
    • Passover insights


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