Tzav: What Can Mistakes Teach Us About Life?



Why is it that some cookware is dishwasher safe, while some are not?

Why do some pots require deep scouring and cleaning, while others become stained beyond repair and must be thrown away?

What can cookware teach us about life?

It can teach us about mistakes and how to overcome them. It can teach us that, as with pots and pans, some vessels may be scoured and rinsed, while others must be dismantled and thrown away.

Life is full of mistakes, inadvertent mishaps and unintentional faux pas – a regrettable word, a bad decision, or a misguided action.

Discerning which vessels need deep cleaning and which are best discarded requires knowing how to overcome mistakes.

With the insights of the Baal Shem Tov and the Kloizenberger Rebbe, the Torah’s description of the korban chatat, the sin offering, comes to life and teaches us that washing dishes contains secrets deeper than suds.

This sermon also briefly addresses the ISIS attack in Brussels this past week.


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