What Is Spirituality?



“Spirituality” is a word thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean? Does it have different meanings for different people? Do spiritual disciplines all define spirituality in the same way? How is spirituality different than religion, faith, holiness, divinity, soul, mysticism, metaphysics, or are they one and the same? Can spirituality be secular in nature, as in soul music. a soulful experience or consuming spirits? Is there spirit without God? How does spirituality relate to transcendence? And can spirituality be subject to the vices of human nature, as in being spiritually arrogant, or spiritually angry?

As we probe deeper, it becomes quote obvious that spirituality and soul are not that easy to quantify and describe? Perhaps it actually defies description, and can only be experienced?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he excavates the mysterious and ethereal realm called spirituality, and discover surprising insights about the forces that make us and the cosmos tick. Learn what spirituality is and what it is not — how it is an interface to a deeper reality, but not an end in itself. Find out how to not merely enter but travel through the spiritual layers of your own psyche and soul, and uncover unimaginable resources and experiences.


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