The single biggest challenge we all face on Passover: How to make it relevant and meaningful to our lives.

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Empower yourself, your family and the guests at your table with a psychological and emotional perspective of the Seder. Toward a Meaningful Seder printable eBook has the power to transform the Seder into a dynamic experience and a dialogue – instead of a mechanical and boring routine.
Our Seder guide is excellent for experiencing a meaningful and personal Seder.
Access the deeply relevant and transformative power of the Seder, with 36 pages of insights, exercises and stories.

Inside this eBook you will learn:

  • What Is The Seder?: Explore the profound mosaic that provides us with the keys to open the doors of freedom on Passover Eve.
  • The Seder Plate: Learn how the Seder Plate is a macrocosm of our lives.
  • The Four Questions: Discover the inner/personal applications of the Four Questions.
  • The 15 Steps Of The Seder: Empower everyone at your Seder table with a psychological and emotional perspective of the Seder.
  • Lots More!

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