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The story of Elul and Tishrei is the story of love, betrayal and reconciliation.

It is really a story of each one of our lives, as expressed in perhaps the biggest question of all: Is there hope after loss, can we rebuild after destruction? It's one thing to find happiness and life affirmation when we escape to a mountain; it's quite another to be able to experience it when we are immersed in a cruel, material life. Can we really find truth in a corrupt world? Can we reach beyond the highest places from our material space? Can we taste eternity as mortal creatures? Can we touch heaven even as we stand on earth? Can we as people and as nations ever discover true peace?

The 60-day story of Elul and Tishrei resolutely answers these questions with a resounding and unequivocal "Yes." Yes, there is hope. Yes, we can rebuild, we can find an even greater love than the original one. Yes, we can marry heaven and earth. And yes, our entire world can unite in one magnificent symphony, each of us contributing our particular melody.

Tap into the special energy of this time period by following a day-by-day plan that covers the entire spectrum of human experience and addresses different areas of work necessary to achieve reconciliation and renewal, sanctity and joy - in one dance of personal and cosmic transformation.

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"Rabbi Jacobson continues to bless us all with his deep and probing insights to all of our spiritual needs. This 60 day guide to the high holidays gives you a plan and a task each day to move you forward to becoming closer to your soul and our creator."


"This is more than a Holiday Guide, it's a 60-day journey toward finding hope, love, fulfillment and the realization of one’s deepest aspirations and dreams — a journey to discover one’s calling and to establish a relationship with G-d."


"I absolutely love this book. I am not a Jew, but I think this book is for anyone who practices the Feasts according to the Bible. I like it so much and recommended it to many of my friends and they ended up buying it. I highly recommend it !"

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