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Essays 2016

The second MyLife: Essay Contest invited people of all ages from around the world to submit an original essay applying a concept or idea in Chassidus to solve a contemporary life issue or challenge.

$10,000 First Place Winner
Nechama Dina Hendel, 33, Jerusalem, Israel – Topic: SET” for Success : Life Changing Chassidic Tools

$3,600 Second Place Winner
Chaim Heber, 33, Beer Sheva, Israel – Topic: אורות בכלים – The Secret to Healthy Relationships

$1,000  Third Place Winner
Shaul Wolf, 25, Brooklyn, NY – Topic: The Soul: A Source of Inherent Self Worth

Bonus $1,000 Fourth Place Winner
Levi Liberow, 26, Brooklyn, NY – Topic: The Man of Faith is Lonely No More – Loneliness: Fate or Destiny

Top 12 Finalists:

Sholom Ber Crombi, 30, Jerusalem, Israel – הבינוני – קבלה עצמית כדרך לריפוי הנפש בעידן המודרני  – The Benoni: Self-acceptance as a Way of Healing the Soul in the Modern Era

Menachem Mendel Fromer, 16, Haifa, Israel – מחשבת ההיפוך החסידית – Chassidic Thought Transformation

Yeshaya Marantz, 32, Tzfat, Israel – שמחה – עקרון הוודאות שפורץ גדר – Joy: The Principle of Certainty which Pierces Boundaries

Rikkie Winner, 21, Brooklyn, NY – Encountering You

Mishael Almalem, 38, Jerusalem, Israel – לדעת להקשיב – מהות תפקידו של המשפיע הנו להקשיב על מנת לחבור למושפע ממקומו – On Mentoring: Listening to Connect and Hearing between the Lines

Eli Soble, 40, Brooklyn, NY – The Method to Think Good So That It Will Truly Be Good

Avremel Vogel, 24, Brooklyn, NY –  A Chassidic Take On “The Four Letter Word”

Shoshi Gutnick, 18, North Bondi, NSW, Australia – Conquering “I Can’t”

Rivka Ehrentrau, 60, Brooklyn, NY – מזירת הנישואין למזור של אהבה ושלימות – Man and Woman: So Different; so Perfect for Each Other

Aryeh Gurewitz, 23, Lake Worth, FL – Self-Control from the Essence of Your Soul

Adam Zagoria-Moffet, 26, Oceanside, NY – Receiver and Responder: Chassidus’ Chiddush on Care-Giving

Hadassah Silberstein, 23, Brooklyn, NY – What if I Just Don’t Care? Apathy: The Incurable Disease

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