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Essays 2015

The first MyLife: Essay Contest invited people of all ages from around the world to submit an original essay applying a concept or idea in Chassidus to solve a contemporary life issue or challenge.

$10,000 First Place Winner

Aryeh Gurewitz, 22, Lake Worth, Florida. Topic: Getting Past Depression by Getting Past Yourself 

$3,600 Second Place Winner

Yossi Grossbaum, 35, Chabad of Folsom, Folsom, California. Topic: Failure: Key to Success 

$500 Third Place Winner (two tied)

Rivka Johnson, 31, Melbourne, Australia. Topic: Chassidic Solution to Overeating 
Mina Gordon, 57, Melbourne, Australia. Topic: Love Your Fellow


Yudit Kasowitz, 28, Brooklyn, New York.  Topic: How to Cope when Life Throws the Unexpected at You

Michal Morgenstern, 34, Haifa, Israel. Topic: Hope in Face of Challenge

Shifi Goldfarb, 21, Maalot, Israel. Topic: A Chassidic Approach to ADHD: Powerful Energies in Small Containers

Chelsea Mika Shar, 25, Johannesburg, South Africa. Topic: Speak What You Mean; Mean What You Speak

Yitzchak Winner, 53, Brooklyn, New York. Topic: Positive Thinking

Yaakov Deutch, 34, Jerusalem, Israel. Topic: דרך כבושה, The Chassidic Addition to Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy

Mendel Rubin, 42, Albany, New York. Topic: Power of Parable

Honorable Mention

Yakov Danishefsky, YU, Jerusalem, Israel. Topic:  The Power of Mystery

Sholom Kesselman, Los Angeles, California. Topic: When Failure Is Really Success

Elchonon Solomon, Morristown, NJ. Topic: Effective Optimism

Dina Hendel, Jerusalem, Israel. Topic: Mending Broken Vessels: Healing Parenting Advice

Sterna Ginsberg, Brooklyn, New York. Topic: Powered by G-d

Zvi Lipchik, Brooklyn, New York. Topic: Against Our Nature, But the Ultimate Pleasure

Sara Spielman, Brooklyn, New York. Topic: Staying the Moment

Yeshayah Marantz, Safed, Israel. Topic: להתחתן כל יום מחדש, Perpetual Marriage

Shneur Zalman Pevzner, Paris, France. Topic: מתוח משתי הקצוות, The Battle Between Matter and Spirit

Chanie Wilhelm, Milford, CT. Topic: Effecting Change

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