To say something is more an art than an articulation.

Here are said – read: taught – the laws of the priests. Priests serve in the home of purity, priests thus must remain pure at all times, they must marry pure, they must maintain pure bodies without blemish. So too must the offerings be pure, without blemish. Be sensitive to living creatures. The holy days, Shabbat and festivals: Passover in the spring, counting forty-nine days of the Omer, segueing into Shavuot. On the first of the year, resound the Shofar – Rosh Hashanah – and the tenth day shall be a solemn fast – Yom Kippur. Then Sukkot, dwelling in a hut and taking the four kinds, concluding with Shemini Atzeret. Light the Menorah, maintain the showbread. There are also consequences and penalties.

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