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Mar 29

Let Go and Let G-d: Virtual Panel Discussion

Time: 12:00PM-02:00PM
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In recovery, we have come to know and understand our own powerlessness. For those who are now coming to terms with this prospect for the first time, powerlessness is a terrifying and anxiety-inducing phenomenon.

Anyone who has lived most of their entire life feeling as if they are in control, losing that sense of control can be more terrifying than contracting the virus itself.

Perhaps our task at this moment is to share what we have come to understand about our own powerlessness with those who were not lucky enough to be exposed to these ideas.

If we can provide comfort and assuage the fears and anxieties of others utilizing the tools and resources that we have internalized through our experiences, it may be our finest hour in being of service to others.

This virtual event, hosted by Eli Nash, will bring together voices of those who have a window into the world of addiction recovery and deliver practical insights and tools that addicts have used to heal from addiction – tools that could not be more practical for EVERYONE in this climate.

The Meaningful Life Center

The Meaningful Life Center

The Meaningful Life Center

The Meaningful Life Center