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May 04

Answering the Wakeup Call | Mastering Midlife Podcast

Time: 03:00PM-04:00PM
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Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he speaks on today’s Mastering Midlife Podcast, hosted by Mark J. Silverman

Rabbi Jacobson will discuss how we can best make sense of the pandemic even though we don’t completely understand it. He shares who his clients are and the one problem they all have in common. He explains why what we do is different from who we are. He describes why it takes a lot of gain to make up for a small loss. Simon also shares why a child is the embodiment of who we are at our core.

The following topics will be addressed:

● Seeing both the good and bad that the pandemic revealed about people.

● The biggest need he sees from people who seek his help.

● Differentiating what you do from who you are.

● Why surrendering to the unknown can be an enlightening moment.

● Comparing the pandemic to the midlife crisis.

● Why life is more like a film and not static.

● Why the sense of loss is deeper than the sense of gain.

● The different forms of addiction people are exposed to every day.

● How a child symbolizes all that is good in humanity.

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