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Jun 14

Dealing with Loss and Failure, Part 2

Time: 08:00PM-09:00PM

Join Rabbi Jacobson for a NEW 4-Part Series
The Chassidic Approach to Dealing with Loss and Failure
Monday’s @ 8 PM EDT

Part 2: The Spiritual Dynamics

What is the root of loss and failure? Do difficulties and challenges serve a deeper purpose? And if yes, how can we begin to comprehend what this purpose might be?

Join Rabbi Jacobson as he explains  the spiritual root of failures from the mystical teachings on the cosmic black hole and the shattering of the containers — the tzimtzum. These deep and transformative concepts will uncover the core root and reasoning behind the challenges and setbacks in our lives and teach how us how to not only contend with them, but how to transform them. Explore the dynamics of how creation came to be, through the text of the Aitz Chaim, written by the Arizal. While the world began as an omnipotent and divine consciousness, G-d then created the tzimtzum – it’s ultimate purpose being to bring out our inner most resources and deepest strengths.

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