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Mar 27

Farbrengen/Q&A with Mesivta Students

Time: 01:30PM-02:30PM
  • This event has passed.
Rabbi Simon Jacobson will be giving an online class and farbrengen for mesivta bochrim around the world on Friday, March 27th, Beis Nissan at 1:30PM EST. This Beis Nissan Farbrengen honoring the 100th Yahrzeit of the Rebbe Rashab (1920-2020), will present relevant and timekly messages from the Rebbe Rashab’s life and teachings, and offer perspectives on the current crisis and identifying our role and responsibility today.
The class is hosted by the Montreal Mesivta. To attend:
Call in: +1 438 809 7799  +1 929 205 6099