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Apr 26

Live on Facebook: Post-Synagogue Judaism? Worshipping without a House of Worship

Time: 02:00PM-04:00PM
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The corona-imposed closures have forced people to pray in their homes instead of their synagogues. But it has done much more than that. It has compelled us — perhaps like never before — to ask some big questions and challenge some long-standing “norms” of Judaism. How important is a synagogue and a rabbi to our relationship with G-d? What are their roles in our lives? What is prayer? What happens when we take G-d out of shul and the shul is no longer the center of our religious lives? Are there new opportunities to connect without the mechanics of shul, minyan and traditional rituals? Should divine service and prayer at home become the new normal? How will our newfound discoveries impact the future of Jewish life and our connection to G-d? Will the role of our synagogues change? Will we appreciate Judaism differently? And is this a bad thing? —

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