From the moment the pandemic began, we have been a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people of all backgrounds. With over 250 new and innovative programs, we addressed the fears and difficulties felt by a world turned upside down, empowering men, women and children across the globe to navigate the upheavals and find their deeper strengths, inner fortitude and values system.

Please join us in this effort.

Help us turn…
Isolation into connection
Fear into strength
Confusion into clarity
Uncertainty into deeper meaning
Disruption into opportunity

Whichever challenge you are facing, we are here for you with emotional, psychological and spiritual resources.

Upheaval — especially on a global scale — heralds in a new stage in life and in history. When life is shaken up we must not be tentative and defensive. We must intensify our offensive, become ever more proactive and initiate new programs that will better the world. For every disturbance we must add a new commitment to goodness.

- Toward a Meaningful Life, by Rabbi Simon Jacobson

What you are doing is a lifeline to me and my family. I don’t have enough words to express my appreciation

- Yaffa, Jerusalem

You are the first that rose to the occasion and without hesitation provided strength, courage and a forward-thinking approach

- Barbara, London

Where do you get the strength for your relentless output? You are everywhere! Simply awesome.

- Yaakov, Sydney

Empowering Programs and Resources

With Rabbi Simon Jacobson I During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Daily Spiritual Antidote

95+ daily inspirational videos reaching 10,000+ people daily.

MyLife: Chassidus Applied

Highly acclaimed weekly program candidly addressing the most pressing questions of our lives.

Weekly Global Masterclass

Weekly Global Masterclass


Weekly virtual book club on Instagram and Facebook, discussing life themes from the bestselling Toward a Meaningful Life.

15-Step Soulful and Musical Journey

Guided and inspired 15,000+ people through the quarantined Passover Seder.

Specialized Programs, Seminars and Classes:

Addressing parents and educators, teens and students, singles and families. With Q&A responding to their concerns.

Advanced Classes in Ayin Beis

An exhilarating daily zoom class unlocking the magnum opus of Jewish mysticism, nourishing people’s minds, hearts and souls.

Healing and Recovery Programs/Podcasts

With celebrity and influential co-panelists, on addiction in quarantine, mental health issues, and racism. Reaching 120,000+ people.

Essays and Writings

Provocative and inspiring insights covering the full spectrum of the human experience.

First Responder Programs

Addressing the unique challenges and questions of over 1,000 first responders and health care workers.

Co-Hosted the Hatzalathon

Reached over 1 million people and raised over 15 million dollars.

Community Virtual Programs

Addressed communities world-wide. From Jerusalem to Moscow, London to Johannesburg, Brazil to Canada.

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You are healing me. You are changing me. I am so thankful for all your words every week into my inbox. You are offering me something very special that I can’t find elsewhere.

- Maria, Portland

Simon Jacobson is a pivotal teacher during this time demonstrating leadership, strength and insight. His teaching is prolific and fitting for our time. Listening to him has become a daily part of my routine. So thankful for his brilliance

- Ronnie, New Haven

Thank you for donating and partnering with us in providing a lifeline for people everywhere.

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