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A Memorable Moment with Larry King Live: Covering the Life of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Larry King, the iconic CNN host, known for over 25 years of interviewing presidential candidates, celebrities, athletes and movie stars on his talk show, passed away over the weekend.

In 1994, amidst the communal mourning of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s passing, Larry King interviewed Rabbi Simon Jacobson bringing the historic moment to mainstream media. Watch Larry King Live excerpt from 1994.

As we commemorate the life of Larry King and his thousands of interviews, we remember his unique and lasting talent to ask questions that shed light on the larger story and historical significance of newseverts.

Some questions addressed on Larry King Live:
“The Rebbe was ill and old, why such shock at his passing?”
“Why is this such a major story beyond the Orthodox community?”
“What happens in the absence of a successor to the Lubavitch movement?”
“Do people believe the Rebbe is the Messiach?”


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