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Anash LA Tackle Internal Issues

A group of members of the Chabad community in Los Angeles, CA have recently undertaken a revolutionary initiative. They created a free lecture series, taking from the top speakers in Chabad and making their live lectures readily available to the local community.

“Chabad has a wealth of in-house talent. who lecture on myriad of important topics,” said Sruli Schochet, a member of the local Chabad community and one of the organizers.

“The issue is, that these speakers have time constraints and are usually at weekend retreats, shabbatons, or organizational dinners, which many of the local and especially younger Anash community cannot afford or have access to. The goal here is to make this available to everyone. Even it if it impacts just one person’s life or perspective, it makes the whole thing worthwhile. It’s the butterfly effect.”

The series, simply titled “Anash Lecture Series”, is unique for communal events in the sense that it charts out the next seven months of speaking engagements in advance.

“Normally, when there is a communal lecture, people tend to find out about it last minute,” said Yacov Shallman, a medical supply businessman and one of the organizers.

“We all have busy lives and a major objective is to give people plenty of time to calendar events and make necessary arrangements such as babysitting etcetera. We want to make sure as many people have the ability to attend as possible. The goal is to map out these 4 to 5 events in advance every year, so people know what to look forward to.”

The concept is being “test marketed” in Los Angeles, and as its success grows, it will be duplicated in many Chabad communities throughout the country.

The lectures lined up for this year are:

March 2, 2017, 8:00 pm
Rabbi Simon Jacobson
– For men and women
“I’m just not feeling it!” – Dealing with apathy towards Yiddishkeit
Location: Kanner Hall

May 25, 2017
Mrs. Rivkah Slonim
– For women only
“My Husband and I don’t see eye to eye” – Sholom Bayis and Raising Children in an ever evolving world.
Location: TBD

July 19, 2017
Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet
– For men and women
The Pursuit of Happiness: How to maintain a happy disposition during the wear and tear of everyday life.
Location: TBD

September 7, 2017
– For men and women – audience interactive
Rabbi Yossi Shusterman, Rabbi Avraham Zajac, Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky
“All the Questions about Judaism you want answered but were too scared to ask!”
Location: TBD

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