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Crossfire: More Burning Questions

If there’s a bashert, why is divorce allowed in Judaism? Can I drive a self-driving car on Shabbos? 3 Chabad rabbis respond.

The popular “Crossfire!” is back with an all-new panel!
Have you ever wished to have a “no-holds-barred” discussion with a Rabbi and get answers to all of your burning questions? This is your chance!

This Crossfire session at the National Jewish Retreat featured a panel including Rabbi Yosef Schusterman, spiritual leader of Chabad of N. Beverly Hills and the Halachic authority for the community of Greater Los Angeles; Rabbi Simon Jacobson, head of the Meaningful Life Center, author of ‘Towards a Meaningful life”, sought-after lecturer and publisher of “The Algemeiner Journal”; and Rabbi Manis Friedman, world-renowned author and lecturer, author of “Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore” and Dean of the Bais Chana Institute in Minnesota.

The panel was moderated by former television producer Molly Resnick.

Dozens of questions were addressed on a wide variety of topics from the moral to the political. In this video, you will find answers to thought-provoking questions such as “If the person you marry is your soulmate, why is divorce allowed in Judaism?” “Can I drive a self-driving car on Shabbos?” and “Is the exchange of Arab prisoners for Israeli captives allowed?”

The Meaningful Life Center