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Landmark Tanya Radio Show Launched, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

This article was last posted on Vos Is Nais on February 11th 2021

Broadcasting every Saturday night, 10-10:30PM on WSNR 620 AM — Metro NY area WJPR 1640 AM — Highland Park and Edison, NJ

In these confusing and uncertain times, one classic work that has always stood out and served as a beacon of light and clarity has been the Sefer HaTanya, the book of Tanya, authored by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi in 1796.

This extraordinary and brilliant book, which was specifically composed to offer moral advice and spiritual guidance to all, has been studied, pored over and analyzed for the last two centuries. However, for many, the Tanya still remains quite esoteric and inaccessible. Now, for the first time, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, pioneering teacher and mentor to thousands, takes on the challenge. Renowned for his ability to present and apply the deepest and most profound Torah concepts in practical terms, Rabbi Jacobson will decipher and open up these powerful and transformative teachings of Tanya to scholar and lay people alike in a new weekly radio show MyLife: Tanya Applied.

One of our great challenges today is to present Judaism to ourselves, our children and Jews everywhere in personally relatable terms. For many, the Torah remains either mechanical and cultural or even irrelevant. The Tanya expressly came to address this concern. On the cover page of Tanya, the Alter Rebbe states that its purpose is to clearly explain the verse Ki korov eilecha… (Deuteronomy 30:14) –  which affirms that the Torah is exceedingly relevant and accessible to every person. This will be the guiding principle of Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s new weekly class, Tanya Applied. In his inimitable way he will explain how Torah concepts and mitzvos are personally relevant to every aspect of our lives and how to integrate Judaism into our daily experiences.

Many of us may be familiar with some of the central ideas in Tanya – including the battle of the two souls; what defines man and makes us tick; how we can control our temptations; how we can become more loving; what we can do to curb and harness our vices, like anger, jealousy, and depression; the formula for growth; how we can develop a healthy relationship with G-d; and why we are here.

In this 30-minute program, airing every Saturday night from 10:00–10:30 PM EST, you will learn how these ideas can be applied to your life today. You will discover secrets to a successful life that will transform you and your relationships.

This weekly radio show, which premieres this Saturday night, February 13, corresponds with the 61st anniversary of the historic launch, in 1960, of “Lessons in Tanya” taught on the radio (in Yiddish) by the iconic Rabbi Yosef HaLevi Wineberg, a”h. With the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s blessing and encouragement, this landmark program – the first to usher in the use of technology to disseminate Torah – continued weekly for over 40 years! The Rebbe would edit and listen to every one of these classes.

Now, 61 years later, this program is being revived (in English) and being taught by Rabbi Simon Jacobson. The inspiration behind this initiative is Rabbi Shmuel Plotkin, a known chassid and askan. The program is being dedicated in blessed memory of Rabbi Yosef HaLevi Wineberg; and to Rabbi Moshe Pinchas HaKohen Katz, a”h, whose 35th yahrzeit is this Shabbos, as well as to his son, Rabbi Zev Yechezkel Katz, with blessings for many healthy years – who all participated in and continued teaching these Tanya classes over the years.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is the best-selling author of Toward a Meaningful Life, and he is the creator of the acclaimed and popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, which has empowered and transformed hundreds of thousands through Torah and Chassidus.

Now, Rabbi Jacobson brings his vast scholarship and years of experience to Tanya. Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this exhilarating journey into your psyche and soul. You will come away with life-changing practical guidance and direction, addressing all the issues and challenges you face in life.

The Tanya Applied radio show is broadcast every Saturday night, 10–10:30PM on WSNR 620 AM – Metro NY area. WJPR 1640 AM — Highland Park and Edison, NJ.


By phone: Listen Line: 641-741-0389

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