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Morning Chassidus with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Live Now: Start your day with a boost of Chassidus: A new shiur by Rabbi Simon Jacobson in Hemshech Ayin Beis will delve into the deepest ideas explained in the clearest and most relevant terms.

Live from the Kollel Horaah Maasis in Crown Heights every Thursday morning:

The deepest ideas explained in the clearest and most relevant terms
What better time to begin than these days that approach Yud Tes Kislev, Rosh Hashana of Chassidus?

Explore Ayin Beis: Existence Unplugged. Daily Advanced Chassidus Shiur With Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

This shiur takes place every day, Monday-Friday 9:30-10:30 AM EST. Sunday 10-11:30 AM EST. Zoom Meeting ID: 854 2371 6874. Password: 997259. Or Live On YouTube at

Want to stretch your mind, expand your heart and ignite your soul?

We invite you to join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in a virtual Ayin Beis class, as he unlocks this magnum opus of Jewish mysticism, providing tools to decipher man’s greatest questions in life: Why are we here? Can we bridge the finite and the infinite?

Study and explore the revolutionary ideas in this pioneering work — ideas that have the power to create a paradigm shift; to change us and the world in which we live. Ideas that can help us shape the future of our universe.

What better way to transcend the walls of your home – and nourish your mind, heart and soul — in these trying times?

Join the Ayin Beis revolution. Let us travel together in an exhilarating, groundbreaking journey.

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