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Most Complicated Chabad Series


100 Years ago, the Rebbe Rashab began presenting the most profound and complicated series in Chabad Chassidus – “Hemshech Ayin Beis.” Tonight, a class will explain it to you.

Welcome to the world of Ayin Beis. Tonight, launches a new series of classes on the profoundest series of discourses in Chabad Chassidus.

100 Years ago, the Rebbe Rashab began presenting the most profound and complicated series in Chabad Chassidus, known as “Hemshech Ayin Beis.” In this series, which spanned four years, the fifth Rebbe of Chabad explored the deepest ideas of Chabad theology.

One century later, Rabbi Levi Wineberg, renowned Posek in Johannesburg and author of Lessons in Tanya, begins a weekly global video class explaining the series.

On Shavuos 5772/1912, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneerson (1860-1920), the Rebbe Rashab, began presenting a series of Maamarim, Chabad Chassidic discourses, exploring the fundamental theology of Chabad on the ultimate mysteries of existence.

The series, consisting of 144 discourses, continued over the next four years, from 1912 through 1916.

For many years, the Rebbe hesitated to publish this series, due to the mighty mystical revelations therein. But in 1977, the Rebbe decided to publish it, not before he asked for the participation of all Chassidim in the project, by each Chassid donating 1 dollar to the publishing costs and emitting any name from the published books.

Tonight, the renowned halachik authority Rabbi Levi Wineberg, begins on a weekly journey through this series. In this first class, Wineberg presents the introduction and background of the series and urges his listeners to begin studying the text, so they are well prepared for his next week’s class.

“Ayin Beis is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity during the past 6,000 years,” said Rabbi YY Jacobson, dean of, the host of these new classes.

“In it, the Rebbe Rashab allows us a glimpse into the infinite “missing link” between creation and Creator. On century later, we owe it to ourselves and the world that we begin learning these discourses diligently. Hence the idea of this new series,” Jacobson said.

“Rabbi Wineberg’s plan not only to explain and highlight the novel ideas of each discourse, but also to show their parallel reflections in the world of Gemarah and Halacha. This will prove to be a fascinating journey,” he believes.

In a new website, Jacobson’s brother Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of Toward a Meaningful Life, posts his daily class on Ayin Beis, studying each chapter inside and presents summaries of each chapter.

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