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“Soul Workout” Sent By WhatsApp

Can smartphones be transformed into a device for self-growth and introspection? Now with the Meaningful Life Center’s new Soul Workout WhatsApp broadcast, the answer is a resounding “YES”. Subscribers will receive practical life skills based on the teachings of Chassidus. Join today by texting “subscribe” to 347-755-7558 and saving the Meaningful Life Center’s number to your contacts.

If you like Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s daily exercises in his best-selling books 60 Days and The Spiritual Guide to Counting the Omer, you’ll love MLC’s Soul Workout WhatsApp, bringing short piercing insights and step-by-step exercises to help you grow as a person and change your life. Each Soul Workout addresses a different aspect of life, including: relationships, anger, anxiety/depression, identity, self-esteem, balance, self-discipline, empathy, making mistakes, and prayer.

“The Soul Workout WhatsApp messages are not intended to just be inspirational, but are how-to ideas for self-help and personal growth, meant to provoke action — in thought, deed and speech. The goal is living the teachings of Chassidus so they bring on personal transformation,” says Gani Goodman, Director of Operations at the Meaningful Life Center.

Rabbi Jacobson explains the decision to get onto WhatsApp: “Growing and improving our lives shouldn’t be relegated only to the time we sit at our desk or laptops. What better way to grow all the time then by placing the tools directly into your hand — literally! Smartphones have given us enormous power — the ability to reach virtually anyone, anytime and access information instantly. Yes, technology allows us to live more comfortably and work more efficiently, but can it make our lives more meaningful? Will we use these powerful devices constructively or destructively, to waste time or to grow?”

Are you ready to transform your life in five minutes? Do you want the tools to engage with life and overcome obstacles using the teachings of Chassidus? If so, subscribe today!

To subscribe to Meaningful Life Center’s Whatsapp’s:
1. Save MLC 347-766-7558, to your contacts
2. WhatsApp the word “subscribe”

Here are some things people are saying about the Soul Workout.

“This 2 minute message packed a powerful punch! There are million ways each day I will put this into practice. ​I absolutely love this new format. It should be a RX for everyone!!” ​

“Thank you much for the invigorating and soul-satisfying service you provide and lessons you teach. It is well-written, and just what I needed to read now.”

“Thank you so much for this new initiative giving subscribers food for thought and for change. You have embarked on a very meaningful path to inspire individuals on a regular basis.”

“Even at 76 I feel it’s enormous impact.‎ It re-energizes me.”

“The Soul Workouts are so well-written, enlightening and they hit the heart of daily matters & struggles. I’m encouraging my 19 year old daughter to subscribe!”

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