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Thousands Empowered by an Evening for the Books

Following the incredible success of his and events, organizer Menachem Benchemon arranged for a unique Hei Teves event, celebrating Didan Notzach, the Seforim’s victory, named: An Evening for the Books.

The event took place Wednesday night, on the eve of Hei Teves, 5780, Jan. 1, 2020, at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights. Hundreds of men and women from the Crown Heights community packed the auditorium, with thousands more viewing the live stream of the event online.

An Evening for the Books at the JCM Hall was produced by Menachem Benchemon and was expertly designed by Chani Greenbaum. An elegant refreshment area greeted guests, before they took their seats in the beautifully designed main event room.

The evening featured a powerful and passionate presentation by the renowned editor of the Rebbe’s talks, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, who provided a glimpse and took the audience for a journey into the teachings of all nine Rebbeim, from the Baal Shem Tov to the Rebbe.

Dedicating a segment to each Rebbe, Rabbi Jacobson reviewed the seforim and a few key ideas of each Rebbe, and how the teachings of each respective Rebbe further developed the Chassidus of his predecessors. The enraptured audience followed along with a beautifully designed study companion specially published for the event.

Each of the nine segments of the presentation was punctuated by the heart-stirring Niggunim of the Rebbeim, led by singer Eli Marcus, accompanied by Avremi G on the piano, Yehuda Piamenta on the flute and Yonason Rothman on the violin.

As in the previous events of this series, “An Evening for the Books” has lifted the standard to an entirely new level.

Combining elegance and etiquette in every detail – from the physical set-up to the heartfelt and personalized presentations – providing a complete resonating experience for all those attending.

Many of those in attendance and the thousands who tuned in online related their excitement at the truly special event, and shared how they were deeply moved by the presentation and the Niggunim.

In the words of some of the participants and viewers:

“Great event. Can’t remember last time I sat in a chair for so long listening to a Shiur.”

“Please don’t take these words lightly, this seriously was a game-changer in what Hei Teves means to me and on my entire perception of Chassidus.”

“I want to thank you for making such a meaningful event last night I watched it with my family and send links to my non-Chabad coworkers who watched it and gave me great feedback. It was well thought out and beautifully executed packed with substance and inspiration. May Hashem give you the strength to be able to make more of such meaningful events.”

“I especially like how it revealed parts of the history and the background of Chassidus that I never even knew and wasn’t taught in yeshiva. I watched a lot of it. It was really amazing.”

“People are so used to the same typical Farbrengens year after year. But people change and we need new ways to engage people. What you’re doing is very special.”

“Thank you very much for such a beautiful event. I have come away inspired and uplifted, and Rabbi Jacobson’s presentation which was on one hand so deep yet was so understandable and very relevant with practical messages from each Rebbe.”

“It is with much admiration I write to you about last night’s event. Every detail was planned and executed to perfection. I know what it takes to run events, and this was outstanding. Both in Toichen, production and presentation. From the moment one arrived to the corner of Kingston and Eastern Parkway one felt, this is going to be special. Rabbi Simon Jacobson brilliantly wove together a singular message from each of the Rabbeim, each time going one step deeper, bringing out the underlining message coupled with the Rebbe’s call to action. The accompanied music was enjoyable, tasteful and uplifting. I am not sure who are the four thousand viewers online, but the crowd that was there in person was as diverse as the community itself. Young, old, Rabbis and laymen alike. It is quite nice to see what can be accomplished when ONE person commits oneself to it. You, single-handedly proved it possible.”

The high caliber event was made possible by the evening’s sponsors: Rabbi Moshe KotlarskyBais Shmuel ChabadYossi and Nechama Dina KatzZalmy and Sarale CohenShloimy and Mirele GreenwaldYerachmeal and Rivka Leah JacobsonZalman and Mimi FelligAri and Malky SperlinNussi and Gittie Sternberg, Mendel and Sarale PinsonSruli and Aliza Shochet.



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