Back to the USSR: Dispatch from Moscow

Every moment in time is part of a flowing continuum — a frame in a larger picture, whose invisible choreography is hidden from us. As people of the present we experience the fleeting here and now, the time and place in which we find ourselves, with little or no awareness of the past and the future — the events that brought us here and events that will come to be. But at times, the opportunity arises for us to climb the mountain of history and gain a birds’ eye view of past, present and future, which transforms as it informs our immediate perspective.

How does Russian history affect our lives today? Why is relevant for us to remember and honor during these Three Weeks the destruction of the Holy Temples which happened two millennia ago?! Why should we care about events perpetrated by the Babylonians and Romans so long ago?

Broadcasting from Russia, please join Rabbi Jacobson as he shares his overwhelming experiences in S. Petersburg and Moscow, Rostov and Lubavitch, placing them in dramatic contrast with our modern day. Discover how battles of old are relevant today more than ever — how the wars of Esau and Jacob, Rome and Babylon, Napoleon and Alexander, the Alter Rebbe and his adversaries, the Frierdiker Rebbe and the Communists — all converge into one fascinating historical panorama, that shapes our modern age and has the power to redefine and transform our lives today, and offer us direction into the future.

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