Deciphering the Divine Sparks

Do you ever feel like your life is fragmented, composed of so many disjointed pieces, and lacking a common thread connecting them all? These disconnects begin to accumulate and in time become overwhelming as they tug at you and your psyche, pulling you in so many directions. Is there more to life than random occurrences and haphazard events?

You may be surprised to hear this, but kabbalists and mystics address this fundamental question with a beautiful and elegant concept called The Divine Sparks. Each one of us is a book – or a musical symphony – and at birth all the different pieces and moving parts of our lives have been scattered, like torn pages of a book – or individual musical notes – and we are tasked with the mission to uncover and discover these sparks, these spiritual opportunities in everything we do. Whether it be in our personal lives, our relationships, our leisure or our work, our calling is to collect every spark and piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle – finding the deeper meaning and purpose within each fragmented piece as part of a larger picture.

And only then will we witness and experience what will emerge – a unique and beautiful narrative of our lives, the harmony within diversity.

Join Rabbi Jacobson for a fascinating discussion on how to find that elusive unity within — a unity that connects the multitude of details in your daily life — and begin to understand your life in a completely new way.

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