Eternity in a Second

The Life of Every Moment

The average 80 year-old will see a little over 2.5 billion seconds in his/her lifetime. How many of these seconds are wasted? Seconds may be perhaps too overwhelming to account for. So let’s look at our hours and days: How many of the some 29,000 days, 700,000 hours, or 4 million minutes on earth are used to the fullest? The very thought can be quite daunting. Who, after all, wants to know that most of our time is scrounged with nonsense? Imagine if you actually kept a journal of your hours, accounting for each one. What would that life look like? Is time our enemy — a ticking clock working against us, aging us and exposing our mortality? Does the clock beat us or can we beat the clock?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this dramatic Chayei Sarah workshop about a man who actually filled all his days with value, not missing one quality day! Learn what we can glean from Abraham about our use of time. Time is energy, and energy is life. We may love ourselves but do we love our lives? Time is one of the most underappreciated and underused assets we have. One of our most secret tools. Discover how to bring every moment to life and turn every second into eternity. Learn how to use your time and make each moment count, because how we use our hours, days and years is ultimately what defines our lives and shapes our relationships.

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