Giving Yourself Spiritual Self Care

Do you take care of your soul as much as you do your body? Do you address your emotional, psychological and spiritual needs in a reactive way (responding to problems, crisis, trauma, fear) or in a proactive way (bolstering your spirit, and preempting issues)?

In the United States alone over $350 trillion is annually spent on health care. $250 billion of that is spent on mental health. The real numbers are certainly higher than that. And these are just the financials. How about the amount of time and energy we invest in taking care of our bodies?!

Now let’s ask ourselves: How about our souls — how much time and energy do we spend on our spiritual needs? The investment we make in our soul care in contrast to our body care couldn’t be more staggering. No wonder inner happiness and peace is so rare and elusive. Can we do anything to change that?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this penetrating talk which probes into the inner workings of your soul. Your soul is made up of ethereal components just as your body is made up of physical ones. Discover how to get an x-ray of your soul and identify which parts need strengthening. Learn exercises and “vitamins” that nourish and nurture the “muscles” of your soul’s different faculties.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were working daily on actualizing and growing your soul’s hidden resources.

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