Process Is Crucial to Getting What You Want in Life

In our fast-paced era, in which we expect instantaneous results, we can easily forget that the most important things in life — love, truth, God, and soul — can only emerge through a process.  Think of a flower: It cannot be forcibly pulled out of the ground; it blossoms in time after you nurture and water it. The same with all our ethereal and eternal aspirations: They cannot be forced or purchased, and they cannot arrive overnight. Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this short clip about the of importance of respecting process in personal growth, in the search for love and in the pursuit of other major life milestones. Find out how easy acquisition and the expectation of quick results, without effort, undermines the very process necessary to reach our noblest goals.


This is an excerpt from: How to Maintain Your Spark and Sparkle

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Vladimir Lazar
5 years ago

Thank you for sharing this video.
As regards the, so to say, natural things – like planting a flower, for instance, or using a washing machine – there are time-conditioned programs, and one can hardly speed them up without jeopardizing the quality of the outcome.

At he same time, if we are considering, as an example, aquiring a good habbit or quitting some bad one – the speed and the quality of the process is very much dependant upon one’s conciosness. One can quit smoking in one day or spend a few months and some thousands of bucks for a psychologist – for the same outcome.

It took G-d 6 days to finalize the creation.
Or it took around 15 billion years – as for the sientists’ evaluation – for the same process )))

5 years ago

Great information. Artifical reality is something we have been lost in and it creates cognitive dissonance.

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