Special Yom Kippur Blessing from Rabbi Simon Jacobson

One of the most touching moments in life is when parents bless their children. It is therefore no wonder that just as we are about to enter the holiest day of the year — right before Kol Nidrei — parents have the sacred custom of blessing their children.  On Yom Kippur, a day like no other, we enter another reality. On this purest day of the year you have the power to reach the deepest part of your soul, the most profound dimension of the divine. What better time and what better way to begin this transcendent journey than by opening your heart to bless the purest part of yourself — your children.

I will never forget how my spiritual father and mentor, would bless me and my fellow students, every year just before Kol Nidrei. Bedecked in pure white, glowing like an angel, the Rebbe, like a loving father, poured out his heart and soul, weeping with tears that melted our every fiber, as he blessed his beloved children, his students. Those awesome, intimate moment changed my life forever. As we approach Yom Kippur this year, I would like to take this extraordinary opportunity to bless you.

— Simon Jacobson

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Brenda Madison
11 months ago

I’m new to learning about Yom Kipper and that’s my first blessing. I’m 66 years old

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