The Beginning

Retracing Life to Its Roots

How many of our problems would be permanently solved if we were able to return to the root of the issue and “rewrite” the “source code”? Most of our solutions are remedial ones that address symptoms, not ones that heal the problem at its core. The best — and perhaps only true — way to solve a dilemma is to go back to the genesis that led you to the problem in the first place. No one gets lost overnight. You first waver just slightly off course. As you continue to travel, each step taking you farther and farther away from your coordinates, after time, you suddenly find yourself totally lost, without any bearings… But can we go back in time and change our pasts? Once the damage has been done it would seem impossible to retrace our steps to the beginning and “rewire” the circuits that got messed up. But think again?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating talk as he analyzes the significance of the 25th of Adar — which teaches us how to go back to the genesis of when it all began. Discover how to revisit your own beginning — your newborn child — the real you, before life’s travails reshaped and distorted your path. Learn the power of a birthday and how to reconnect yourself to your own beginning.

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