The Seder — The First Therapeutic Model: Pre-Passover Workshop

Pre-Passover Workshop

What does a healthy psyche look like? How does a healthy mind, heart and spirit behave? What type of person would you have been were it not for the influences and factors that shaped and jaded your life? How different would you have been without your fears, insecurities and demons? Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to get an x-ray of our souls? If we were able to contrast our current lives with the template of our quintessential personalities, as they were upon birth? Like juxtaposing an imperfect or distorted circle over a perfect one, or infected lungs over healthy ones, we would get a picture in perspective of our present situation as compared to our possibilities; our actuality in context of our potential.

This is exactly what the Passover Seder is about: Offering us a snapshot of our psyches and souls, the Seder leads us through a 15-step process, which can be coined the first ever therapeutic model.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating pre-Passover workshop, showing us how to turn the Passover Seder into an exhilarating guiding journey into our inner workings, and come away looking at ourselves and our relationships in a completely new way.

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